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Remembering A Life Blog


Stories and inspiration to help you keep the memories of your loved ones alive

Creating a mandala when grief is present provides an effective outlet for expressing the pain of loss in an unspoken inner language of images, colors, shapes, forms and symbols that can bring forth insights often not found through words.

Visual journaling is the art of self-discovery; through image-making our truest feelings are revealed – through writing those feelings are interpreted. Through this process the conscious and subconscious minds can have a conversation, allowing your authentic voice and inner wisdom to emerge, awaken and be heard. Being either an artist or writer is not required to do the process of visual journaling.

The Healing Power of Art (Part 2): Mask-making

Mask-making can be both a powerful and tension-releasing avenue for self-exploration and self-expression. Mask-making can be a way to allow unexpected sides of yourself to emerge, or embrace those parts of yourself you have yet to befriend.

The Healing Power of Art (Part 1)

If you think “I’m not an artist” – please think again. When experiencing the pain of loss – no matter what that loss might be - the process of art-making can provide many beneficial effects independent of a person’s skill or talent. It is not the end product of our creation, but the creative process itself that helps us heal.

Coloring for Relaxation – It’s Not Just for Kids

I first became aware of the adult coloring phenomenon five years ago when presenting a workshop at a senior center on how creating art can reduce nervous tension and aid in emotional expression. Much to my delight, one of the workshop participants shared how she had recently joined an online adult coloring group made up of people she knew – the group had close to one-hundred members. Group members were engaging in coloring for relaxation and stress relief. As it turned out, more than half of the other 26 workshop participants also did weekly coloring activities as a way to - as one workshop participant put it - “refresh my brain by giving it a mini vacation every day.”

Writing to Heal Stress, Grief and Loss

During this era of sheltering-in due to the COVID-19 pandemic, stress is the word most often used to describe the high levels of anxiety, anger and fear that so many people are experiencing. But when looked at through the lens of loss – loss of everyday freedoms, loss of employment, loss of income, loss of health, loss of life – framing our collective and individual experiences as one of grief due to loss may be more accurate.  Healing writing – also called expressive writing or grief journaling - can be a way to explore the many complex and multi-faceted emotions you may be experiencing at this time due to COVID-19-related losses.