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Remembering A Life Blog


Stories and inspiration to help you keep the memories of your loved ones alive

“Tell Me How to Grieve”

Humans have held funeral ceremonies since the beginning of time because only ritual feels up to the task. The death of a loved one is a life-transforming event, and ritual sacredly acknowledges that significance.

Grieving Alone and Together

Anyone who experiences the death of a loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic knows current social distancing requirements have limited their ability to have a meaningful funeral or memorial service. They may also further complicate an already complicated grieving process. In this interview with Dr. Sara Murphy, Dr. Murphy explores how our responses to grief may differ after experiencing a loss during this time. An audio recording of the interview is also available.

If someone you love has died of the novel coronavirus, it is likely that you are facing a number of challenging circumstances. Grief is always difficult, but it is especially difficult whenever a death is sudden, unexpected, and unfolds in ways that violate our expectations and put up barriers to the cultural grief rituals that help us through.

Uncertainty can make any experience of loss more complex and challenging. Currently, we are experiencing uncertainty not only in terms of our individual futures but also in regard to the people who matter to us. The nature of what we know about the novel coronavirus undoubtedly exacerbates this uncertainty, and as we learn more regarding its nature, spread, and life-threatening complications, we may feel more and more overwhelmed. How can we navigate uncertainty under the weight of the secondary losses and non-death losses that we are individually experiencing? How can we respond healthily to our emotions in this frenetic and upsetting time?